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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Belcher Bits.

Please use the menu at left to explore the Belcher Bits aircraft and Battalion Bits armour lines. Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Important Notice, please!

It’s been a very odd year, for a number of reasons, many related to COVID. While the country is staggering under lockdowns and restricted access to customers, the hobby business has been booming. The last 15 months have been very busy for Belcher Bits and I need a break. Therefore, I will be shutting down the business during the months of June, July and August this year, starting on 1 June. I will be using the time to prepare new products, and to do some modelling for myself.

Rest assured that come 1 September, I will be open again for business. However, I do not intend to establish a list of orders received over the summer and then be inundated with work after the break. Hold your orders until then, please. Enjoy the summer as I intend to do. Thank you all for your patience.

Some important information re. ordering from Belcher Bits (after 1 September)

1.       Because of some stupid UK rule changes about VAT collection, I will no longer be selling directly to UK customers and if you want any of my products, please look for them on my new eBay store “Belcher Bits Store”. (Non-UK buyers should not use this service; it's much cheaper to order from me as described below). Not all products will be available at all times, although I will try to keep the store stocked with popular items. Just to highlight to all UK customers, the list price is higher on the eBay store to cover additional fees, and you will have to pay VAT on the item and on shipping, so send your government a big thank-you note next time you talk to them. Please do not ask for your parcel to be marked as gift to avoid duty or VAT. It’s a sale, not a gift. Sorry.

2.       The most convenient way for everyone else to order is to send me your request via email, and I will send you a Paypal invoice when I have stock and am ready to ship. Please note I need to know your location (Canada, US or overseas) in order to charge the correct postage.

3.       If you want to order directly without going through Paypal, I do accept credit cards (Visa or Mastercard only). I no longer need your signature, but I do require your CVV code on the back of the card. Please note that I do not operate a secure server, which is why I recommend the Paypal route.I also accept US checks (payable to Mike Belcher) at par; terrible exchange rate, not in your favour, but some people prefer checks.

4.       Parcels are sent within Canada using Expedited Post, which does include tracking. Parcels to US are by Tracked Packet and overseas are normally sent by Small Packet Airmail which does NOT include tracking. If you REALLY want international tracking, the postage price will be quadruple (yes, 4X) the normal rate.

The CC-130J stretch conversion (BB46) is still delayed. We will post here when it is ready for sale. Thanks for your patience.

The newest decal sheet is 1/72 RCAF / CAF Hercules BD37 ($19.99) which allows one to build one of those new Zvezda kits in any Canadian operational scheme. Also new is BD38 ($4.99), a small sheet of markings for RCN Avengers in 1/72 scale for the new Sword kits.

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